You have just bought your new house and hopefully you were smart enough to get a Reliable Home Building Inspection on the house before you committed.

Time to move in and here are seven things we recommend you do.

  1. Change the keys
    You don’t know who has keys to your new home. Asking a locksmith to change the locks provides you with peace of mind that your new home is safe.
  2.  Say Gidday to your neighbours
    Getting to know your neighbours is a great way of settling in and feeling comfortable with your new environment. After you met them write down their names and phone numbers. Put the info in your phone contacts.
  3. Organise connection of all Services
    Arrange connection to all power (including both gas and electricity), telephone, and other essential services.
  4.  Locate your main circuit breaker& ensure you have a Safety Switch
    Take the time to locate the main breaker box for your home and label each breaker
    correctly if not labelled already. Install a safety Switch if you do not have one already.
  5. Locate other Services
    Locate the main water and gas meters and ensure they are turned on.
  6. Set up a Termite Management Program
    If this house has a termite management program contact the company and seek to continue their program. If there is not termite management program we recommend you commence one.
  7. Don’t put your home inspection away
    Do not waste the investment you made in your home building inspection report. Address ALL issues noted in the report as requiring early attention. Consider also how and when you will attend to all other matters noted in your report not needing immediate attention and which therefore should be part of a good home maintenance program.

If you did not get a building inspection done it is not too late. Give us a ring. It is better to know what faults your house may have than to wait and find out when it is too late.