Legislation to save your life in the event of fire via the use of Smoke Detectors is as much as a government can do. Testing Smoke Detectors regularly is but a small price that only YOU can pay to know they will do as you need them to in an emergency.


Detectors should be tested regularly (at least once a month) test the smoke alarm in your house. This is done by pushing the marked button for a few seconds and waiting on a loud alarm.

If there is no alarm the smoke detector is faulty and requires repair if not replacement.

Beyond this you should also replace the batteries annually. An easy way to remember is to test them when you change your clock for daylight saving.

This is a simple test and not doing it could have disastrous consequences.

Obviously you need to take safety precautions because you will be operating at height. Please take care and use a step ladder, and not chairs or other items of furniture.

One final note, smoke detectors need to be replaced every ten years. Manufacturers do not warrant their performance beyond this time.