Annual termite inspections should be a compulsory part of your home maintenance regime. Don’t begrudge the cost. Be warned – failing to do this could be extremely costly in the long run as many a home owner has found.

termites_in_barkI learnt a couple of weeks ago that one of my clients from about 3 years ago found termites in their kitchen. A couple of days ago I learnt that their presence in the house is indeed extensive.
In my report to this client I encouraged him to implement an annual inspection regime for his house. Advice unfortunately not taken. A costly lesson is now being learnt by this homeowner.
I suspect advice rarely taken as my experience shows that very few houses that I inspect have active programs.
People get quite forgetful, even blasé about maintaining an inspection regime. In many houses I find evidence of previous termite activity and yet still no evidence of a current inspection regime. Reacting at the time they probably are motivated to start an annual program so as not to get caught again.
Trouble is no termites are found in the first two or three inspections so we start to feel comfortable again. Soon we feel comfortable that the problem has been solved (permanently).
Let’s face it “the inspector comes in and spends around 30 minutes around the house checking. No termite has been found. The yearly inspection is due and I am having doubts that if it is really worth continuing with annual termite inspections?” Familiar with that thinking.
My client is learning the hard way. The repairs will likely be in the 10’s of 1,000’s and there will be an emotional cost that cannot be quantified. The investment in annual termite inspections is somewhere in the region of $200.00 or so is a small price to pay for insurance against this.