Following on from my last blog post on Staged Construction Inspections providing peace of mind this post considers a further thought worth considering.

Everyone would appreciate that a Building Inspector will pick up issues in a staged construction inspection that need correcting by the builder.  And it is not unreasonable that you yourself might pick up on the error in question. But will you?

Is your knowledge sufficient to pick up all the errors a builder may make. You may well pick up most but I suggest respectfully definitely not all. And the builder may well respond positively and I would trust they do.

The benefit of using a building inspector even if you have found the error or the defect is the building inspector will be impartial and independent when making the observation. And the builder is more likely out of respect to take notice of the observation that has been made.

Often home owners think there is a defect that actually does not exist. An independent building inspector plays an important role here in that they can explain why the defect is not a defect. This avoids the home owner challenging needlessly the builder on issues that do not warrant any further attention. This helps to avoid a build-up of emotion on both sides which helps to keep the builder-client relationship in a good head space.

Sound timber

The timber in this photo appears to be rotten and the timber strength therefore compromised. This is fortunately not the case and the builder does not need to conduct any restoration work.

If a home owner has a concern such as this they are more likely to trust an independent building inspector than they are the builder when being advised it is not a problem to be concerned about.

This is particularly so if there is a accumulation of such “defects”

Nail plate pulling away from timberOn the other hand defects may arise that a home owner has not identified such as nails plates pulling out of the timber in a truss, as in this picture. Defects such as these may not look bad because the amount the plate has pulled away from the timber may not seem much.

We can guarantee though that this defect is serious. Serious enough in this case to warrant some significant engineering solutions, which I might add the builder has responded positively to.

If you intend building a new home I encourage you to seriously consider employing an independent building inspector to conduct staged construction inspections at critical times in the construction program. Peace of mind is the obvious prize. Reducing emotional stress is the other very important prize.