What should my building inspection cost is one of the first questions asked when someone rings us. I would suggest the question that should be asked is what is a Reliable Home Inspection worth.

An even more pertinent question might be; the question that should be asked is what do I want from a building inspection?

In my experience the vast majority of our clients, possibly as high as 90% don’t actually know what to expect from a building inspection. They have been advised that it would be a good idea, or maybe it has been suggested that it would be foolish not to have a building inspection when making such a large financial and more to the point emotional decision.

So what should a building inspection cost?

We trust you are, at the end of the day, looking for peace of mind. You might be worried, even if only subconsciously, that the house won’t fall down the day after you take possession of it. You probably need to know what maintenance you are going to be up for.

Let’s face it, it is better to know what you are up for than to be surprised.

If you want to be assured you are making a sensible purchase then I would expect you would be prepared to invest what is required to get the right advice. How much are you prepared to pay to get the right advice? Will you pay for an experienced and qualified inspector, someone who does nothing else but inspect houses?

If you are cost conscious, wanting to pay as little possible for the inspection that is fine. You can pay someone (or not) with less experience or qualifications or perhaps someone who can at best just offer an opinion.

In reality then you are paying for the inspector’s expertise.

Having said that if you want to know what a building inspection cost would be for the house you are looking at contact us here at Reliable Home Inspections.



Don Palmer

Business Owner and Sole Inspector