A  building inspection should include a pest inspection. It would not be a reliable home inspection otherwise. Termites are a fact of life in Australia and particularly in Adelaide. Whilst a prepurchase inspection is desirable it is the author’s opinion that every home owner should have annual inspections conducted by specialist contractors.

To answer that regular question put by people thinking of purchasing a house is do you do a Pest Inspection. And the answer is Yes we do!

Just as a doctor will diagnose an illness and refer you if necessary to a specialist then so does a prepurchase building inspection. The specialist will conduct more intense and generally intrusive investigations.

PrePurchase building inspections, including structure, plumbing, electrical and termites are covered by the Australian Standard AS 4349.1. The Australian Standard is quite specific in dealing with intrusiveness.

PrePurchase Inspections must be visual inspections only. We cannot and should not use intrusive measures when inspecting a home for sale. The property belongs to the Vendor and we must respect that it is their property.

Do we conduct the termite inspection to the Australian Standard for AS 4349.3. No! Not during a PrePurchase building inspection.

What I encourage you to do is treat the Building Inspector as if they were your family doctor. Your family doctor has an all-round knowledge, enough to diagnose an illness. Sometimes the doctor will ask you to see a specialist, like a cardiologist, a dietician, a gastroenterologist, or an ear, nose and throat specialist etc.

The same applies to buildings. Your building inspector will not and cannot be an expert in all things building. If an inspector believes you should see a specialist they will refer you on to that specialist, whether a structural engineer, a plumber or electrician, or in this case a pest control specialist.

Back to the inspection!

We would inevitably recommend that once you have purchased your new home that you enter into a contract with a reputable pest control company for annual inspections with, you guessed it, the first inspection being the day you move in.