I often feel an uneasy concern when conducting pre purchase building inspections that a Vendor may have when a building inspector enters their home on behalf of a potential purchaser. You just know that they are worried that your inspection may prompt the purchaser to cool off. This occurred just recently in a home I inspected at Hyde Park.

The vendor left me with the impression that there were factors compelling her to sell against her wishes and my presence in her home made her feel quite uneasy. The vendor of this home honestly thought her home was in good condition, well maintained and asbestos free by choice when redeveloping some time ago. Collapsed Ceiling

Fact is, as is often the case with homes occupied by elderly single people, the home was in poor condition. It did have asbestos, on the external walls. The ceiling in the shed has partially collapsed and in my pinion is set for complete collapse. It was also our feeling that the roof frame of the original house was grossly under designed and even though it had lasted a 100 years or so we weren’t convinced that it would last under our clients ownership often property.

There was also a chance that the house had been attacked at some time in the past by termites.

We are always careful not to encourage a purchaser to either purchase or to cool off. It is our job to identify the defects and provide mentoring on how to deal with the defects.

Now, if the purchaser does not want to purchase those defects that is fine. It is their decision and only theirs to make. And if they don’t, clearly they will cool off.

The purchaser of this house was not put off by what we had found. They took on board the observations we made and how to deal with them and we had three conversations post the inspection clarifying a number of issues. The bottom line is they wanted THIS house. After our conversations they do understand the cost of purchasing these defects, realise that there will be a monetary cost of significance in addressing them, but my understanding is they will buy, fully aware of what they are committing too.

So this couple will not cool off.