Building Inspections Adelaide


Buying a new house is exciting isn’t it?

Falling in love with the layout, the location and imagining how wonderful it will be when you move in.

But wait: What’s hidden under the surface? What hidden costs may be lurking unseen?

That’s why you need me. A licensed building inspector with over 45 years experience as a builder behind me; it’s my job to find the hidden problems that could unexpectedly cost you big money.


Know the problems before you buy!


My job is to identify asbestos, structural problems (including inside the roof), hidden plumbing  and water leaks, termites, salt damp, unsafe wiring, roofing weatherproofing problems and more.

Knowing about them means you can either back out of the purchase or negotiate for a better price so you can pay for the repairs.

A building inspection and written report costs very little in the overall scheme of buying a house. For an investment from $ 400.00 for a standard 3 bed house I will tell you in writing what problems (if any) there are.

In most cases I can do your inspection within 48 hours of your call, often within 24, so call me now, Don Palmer, 0414 820773.