Care & Maintenance of Decking

Timber decks are an exciting part of an outdoor living environment, and can be a great selling feature for your home. They are high maintenance items however, particularly if they have been treated with a clear varnish or decking stain, in lieu of an acrylic paint designed to withstand the hot penetrating Australian sun.

Paint manufacturers do not guarantee decking stains or varnishes id not re-coated every twelve months. Indeed the common recommendation is to re-coat every three months. Surfaces exposed to the sun will dry out quickly leaving the timber exposed to drying out and/or moisture penetration.

The deterioration of the surface coating is not obvious until it is too late. When a change of colour in the timber becomes apparent there is a chance the timber has started to deteriorate as well.

We therefore recommend following the advice of the paint supply companies and recoat all decking at least every twelve months.

You can reseal the deck with a stain, oil, paint or varnish, depending on aesthetic preference. Apply and re-apply decking finish as per manufacturer’s recommendations.

That is not the end of it however.

Just like timber floors (see our separate blog post on this website) must be kept clean and well maintained. Timber decks need to be swept regularly, of any loose dirt or garden residue, and any moss or algae. It is important to not only remove dirt, but any algae or moss that may be growing on the deck.

Decks are often areas of outdoor living during the hotter weather and people are likely to be bare footed. For this reason we recommend you inspect the deck with a view to re-nailing protruding nails or screws. Any loose or damaged boards that might appear over time should be re-secured or, if necessary, replaced.