Falling damp

Continuing the series on dampness in building we have a look today at falling damp.

If pipes, roofs and gutters leak, we often get what we call falling dampness.

Falling damp can come from:

  1. Cracked roof tiles
  2. Cracked or missing grout under ridge and hip tiles
  3. Damaged or loose fitting flashings
  4. Leaking Gutters and Downpipes
  5. Loose capping on top of walls
  6. Openings in walls
  7. Poorly weatherproofed windows (through head, cills and reveals)
  8. Leaking pipes in showers etc
  9. Poorly waterproofed balconies etc

The big difference between this and rising damp is that it is a lot easier to stop falling damp, because all you have to do is repair the pipes, roofs, gutters and anything else that is causing the problem.  In other words falling damp is controlled by goof housekeeping.

Just be aware that while leaking water can be damaging in itself, more often than not, it soaks into the ground and becomes part of any rising damp problems as it makes its way back up to the surface. So it is imperative to fix any leaks and drips as soon as you notice them.