Is your Building Inspector an expert in all things buildings, or do you see him/her as you would your Doctor?


Don Palmer. Building Expert.

Don Palmer. Building Expert.

Your local doctor has a broad knowledge of all things health. You use your doctor as a 1st port of call when feeling sick. Most of the time your doctor can not only diagnose you but can prescribe action to fix whatever is ailing you.

Often though the diagnosis is for further investigation into what is ailing you by a specialist. Areas he/she is not an expert in. You may need to see an oncologist. Maybe you need to see an ear nose and throat specialist, or a respiratory expert. A spinal surgeon may need to check you out or a skeletal expert might need to be called in.

Your building inspector is similar.

A building inspector can check out the health of your house, or the house you wish to buy. More often than not the inspection carried out by the building inspector can provide you with sufficient knowledge and/or confidence to make a good purchasing decision.

Sometimes though there may be a need for your building inspector to recommend further investigation by an expert in a given discipline of building. You may need to see a structural engineer to offer remedies on cracks diagnosed as significant by the inspector. Maybe you need to see a plumber to pressure test your water pipes for leaks detected by the inspector, or to examine waste or storm water pipes for blockages. A termite company may need to check further for issues with white ants. Sometimes a salt damp specialist may be recommended.

Sometimes these additional investigations can wait your taking possession of the home. Sometimes it may require further investigation prior to cooling off. This will be made obvious to you in the report of a reliable building inspector.

Don’t expect that your building inspector is an expert in all things building. Expect though that the inspector can diagnose sufficiently for you to make informed decisions. Expect also that he/she can direct you to the right expert in areas they only have a broad knowledge of.