TV programs like House Rules can be very entertaining and quite compulsive and addictive viewing.


My wife for one see reality shows as compulsory viewing. She loves them. Shows like MKR, Dancing with the Stars, X-Factor and of course House Rules.

Stud cut too deep

House Rules


I, on the other hand, avoid watching these shows. In particular the shows centred around house building or renovating. Shows like House Rules, the block etc.

They can also be very misleading when it comes to the building process and building techniques. People often use the House Rules and similar shows to value the performance of their builder.

The work depicted on these shows is not and cannot be achieved in the time frames you are led to believe will occur. Builders can therefore be accused of dragging their feet and taking longer than they should.

More to the point however these shows encourage  people to become DIY builders. It encourages them to do the work themselves. This is the cause of my major concern. They see something done on TV. They say to themselves “that looks simple. I can do that”. So they become instant builders.

It is one thing that they are working on their own home. They wear what they do.

Most homes wind up being sold on to someone else however. That someone takes on the DIY work done to it. People too often purchase property that have had work done to it by unqualified people with no guarantees. I ask would these people buy a new home built by a DIY?

DIY people simply do not know what they don’t know and that is dangerous.

Builders and tradespeople undergo significant training and have to comply with the Building Code of Australia and numerous Australian Standards. Their work is covered by statute. The Building Work Contractors Act 1995 provides a 5 year statutory warranty on their building work.

DIY people do not know what they don’t know and because they don’t know that they don’t know they can build what could become a nightmare for the next owner of their home. And there is no statutory warranty on their work

I see evidence of DIY work all the time. What I often see is a concern to me, particularly given it is as widespread as it is.

So the first House Rules anyone should observe is this. Get a building inspection on the house they are thinking of purchasing inspected by a qualified building inspector. You simply don’t know who has done building work on your future home.