Purchasers of houses can cool off as a result of a building inspection report. That is what a building inspection report is for isn’t it?

As we have posted previously this is not in our opinion why you might buy a building inspection report. The reason for requesting one is to find out what faults you are buying, and make no mistake you will be buying faults. You will be buying a maintenance program.

You may not want to buy the faults in a particular house and that is fine. That is your decision and only you can make it. It is not the responsibility of the Inspector to make the decision. The inspector should simply give you the facts you need to make a qualified decision.

The one piece of advice that is important for the inspector to give you if you don’t want to buy the faults of a given house is this:

You should consider whether or not to keep looking at houses of similar age, similar geography and/or similar architecture. In other words, if you keep looking at similar properties the chances are you will be looking at similar faults.