Many consumers feel that those doing work in the building industry without a licence or who do dodgy work get away with it without penalty. The following is  a copy of a media release last month by Consumer & Business Services.



South Australia’s Consumer Watchdog has led a successful prosecution against a
dodgy paver, with the court imposing penalties and compensation totalling nearly

Consumer and Business Services took action against Tyson Hoey, trading as U Pave
It, last year, after complaints he was entering into contracts for the supply and
installation of landscaping supplies including excavation and paving work.

Acting Commissioner for Consumer Affairs Dini Soulio says CBS received complaints
about his conduct largely from the northern suburbs, and generally from people who
had paid Hoey to supply and install landscaping supplies.

“Hoey, who had also traded as Tyson Paving and Landscaping was not licensed to
carry out building work, or advertise for such work under the Building Work Contractors
Act,” Mr Soulio said.

In the Adelaide Magistrates Court, Hoey was convicted of 5 counts, specifically relating
to carrying on business as a building work contractor when he was not authorised to do
so and accepting payment for the supply of goods and services, which he failed to
provide within a reasonable time frame, in beach of Australian Consumer Law.

The court issued fines totalling $55,000 for the offences, but reduced the amount to
$20,000 because of Hoey’s financial circumstances.

The court also ordered $18,249 compensation be paid to five former clients, in
amounts ranging from $500 to $7,500.

“Let this case be a warning to anyone who is trading unlicensed or not carrying out
work as promised, CBS will pursue you and you will be punished,” Mr Soulio said.

“While this is a pleasing result, it should serve as a reminder to anyone considering
employing a tradesman to check the CBS website to ensure they are qualified and
licensed to carry out the work as


Of course I would add that you should have the work inspected during the progress of the job and on completion by a qualified and Reliable Home Inspector. Your builder may not be dodgy but they can and do make mistakes. Of course, if they are dodgy then you need someone in your corner batting for you.