It’s funny too that my mortgage broker actually warned me that she discourages people from getting building inspections. I wonder why…


This is a comment I received from a client of mine who was forced to cool off when the Agent and Vendor struggled with a building inspection report that indicated a serious structural issue in the home. According to my client she was harshly spoken to by the agent with comments from the agent such as she (my client) shouldn’t be doing this to a little old lady (ie. the vendor)’ and should be taking things more seriously.


Nail plate separation as shown in the picture is one of the contributing factors behind the collapse of the Riverside Golf Club roof 10 years ago. As a result of the subsequent Coroner’s report into the deaths caused by this collapse legislation was implemented by the South Australian Government this year for a greater supervision regime for construction involving trussed roofs.

Builders, truss designers and manufacturers, carpenters, councils and others are being asked to be more vigilant in ensuring that buildings with trusses are safer.

It seems that the message needs to be imparted to some in the Real Estate Industry, or in the words of this Agent they should be taking things more seriously.