Evaporative Airconditioners have proved an inexpensive and popular option for cooling homes in South Australia. They are ideally suited to Adelaide’s hot, dry climate.

Significantly however I find that many people do not appreciate how an evaporative airconditioner should be used and the need to service them.


They cool the outside air and reduce the temperature in the home by around 10 degrees compared to the outside. Many people prefer this to the chilled air that reverse cycle airconditioners produce.

An evaporative airconditioner, unlike a reverse cycle airconditioner, draws air from outside the house. It cools it down and then pushes it into the house. This increases the amount of air in the house. For an evaporative air conditioner to work effectively therefore, some windows or maybe outside doors must be left open. This is to allow the hot air to escape outside of the building.

To obtain the best benefit in the rooms you are occupying we encourage you to open only the windows in those rooms. The hot air will be directed to that/those room/s and not unnecessarily cool those rooms you are not using. Opening windows in all the rooms reduces the effectiveness as the air will be directed to the nearest opening from the airconditioning vent.

The cooling effect of an evaporative airconditioner is reduced when the weather is humid outside and the air is very moist. This means that it may help to switch the air conditioner to “ventilation” mode and run the fan on a high speed. There may be somewhere between 4 and 10 days in Adelaide’s summer when this will be needed.

As with all household equipment your evaporative airconditioner should be regularly serviced.

We recommend that cleaning be carried out at both the commencement and the end of the summer season. The recommended process will be shown in the manual provided by the manufacturer.

Having said that and as your cooler is usually installed on the roof any maintenance is dangerous work. Working on roofs is extremely hazardous work. We encourage you therefore to seriously consider having all your evaporative airconditioner maintenance carried out by the experts. You should be able to have it done in our opinion for less than $100.00.