We would be happy to assist you with carrying out a staged building inspection during the construction of your new home.

We normally suggest the following stages:

Siting & Footings

This stage includes inspection of foundations and the slab, reinforcement, drains, formwork and termite protection (if specified). Where possible and if enough information is supplied the siting of the house against boundaries and setbacks is checked to ensure that they comply with building codes and regulations. Siting and setbacks will be checked at the wall & roof framing inspection if the engineer inspects the footings.

Completion of wall & roof framing

The building frame is inspected for level and straightness, the house specifications such as fixing and tie down details, ceiling heights, room dimensions and roof lines are checked, along with locations of plumbing floor penetrations for compliance with the house plans and plumbing and electrical services in the wall frames, and visual presence of damp proof barriers.

Lock up

This inspection covers brickwork and mortar including for plumb, tie back to framing, joint spacing, and for visual presence of damp proof barriers, windows and flashing, roof covering, gutter fall and downpipe location, window and door frames, ceilings and wall linings, plumbing and electrical services in the wall frames, and visual presence of damp proof barriers, window and door frames. Includes also re-checking items noted in previous reports.

Waterproof Stage

Ceilings and wall linings, and waterproof membrane to showers & wet areas (ie prior to tiling)


This inspection includes all paintwork and tiling, skirtings, cornice lines, door and window installations, screens and fittings, cupboards and bench tops, presence of a safety switch and termite certification, along with location of smoke detectors.

The final home inspection also includes confirming if and when occupation is possible under the Development Regulations 2008.

A written building inspection report (including pictures if required) is provided electronically for each inspection (a pdf attachment to an email); provided within 48 hours of the inspection.

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