Consider having staged construction¬†inspections whether building yourself or with a builder of renown. The cost if you don’t could be catastrophic.


Staged Construction Inspection

The building industry in South Australia I believe to be strong. Is it perfect? No! Can it do better? Of course it can!

Building new homes, or even extending your current home, is an emotional experience. There are three factors behind this above any other transaction you are likely to make.

The first of these is it is likely to be the most expensive transaction or investment you are ever likely to make. The second is the transaction takes so long to come to fruition. The third and possibly the most important is you get to see the manufacture as it evolves.

I say manufacture rather than construction to illustrate a most important point.

In your life you will purchase a number of items, from clothing and personal care products, to electrical goods, to your car to name but a few. In all these cases you purchase the finished product. You don’t get to see the product being manufactured.

With your home you do. And that’s were the trouble starts. There is no other business like a building business that gets the scrutiny from their clients like a building business. You get to watch your home go through all the stages of “manufacture”.

Combine these three things together and it potentially is a recipe for disaster. How often do you see stories on TV of home building construction gone bad. These stories often depict not just alleged bad workmanship but externally strained relationships between the home owner an the builder.

Please don’t allow building your new home be a bad experience. Reduce the chances of emotional stress by having an independent building inspector conduct staged construction inspections at critical times in the construction program.