Asbestos Free Houses from when

If you want an asbestos free house you will need to look at houses built after 1992. With 80% of houses built in Adelaide having asbestos containing products in them, only the more recent homes constructed can be viewed as asbestos free.

Asbestos, like cigarettes was the subject of much public media scrutiny for a long […]

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Managing Asbestos

Materials containing asbestos are not harmful to humans unless interfered with. Yes! Leave it alone and it does not present any danger to you. Interfere with Asbestos and you could be exposing your self to some serious illnesses.

The first and best advice I can give you therefore in managing and handling asbestos containing products is […]

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Is Asbestos in my house?

This is a question many people ask. In asking this question they are generally actually asking not has my home got asbestos but is my home safe.

So in answering this question the first thing that needs to be said is whether or not asbestos is dangerous or not. Lets face it we get warnings every […]

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