Dampness in Buildings

Who do you trust in assessing defects in a home.

Whether over a 100 years old or built yesterday all buildings have defects.
Most people can probably see most defects for themselves during an open inspection. If that is the case why would you bother paying a so called “expert” to conduct an inspection.

A message received from a potential client cancelling an inspection raised this question […]

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Dampness in Buildings – Falling Damp

Falling damp

Continuing the series on dampness in building we have a look today at falling damp.

If pipes, roofs and gutters leak, we often get what we call falling dampness.

Falling damp can come from:

Cracked roof tiles
Cracked or missing grout under ridge and hip tiles
Damaged or loose fitting flashings
Leaking Gutters and Downpipes
Loose capping on top of walls
Openings […]

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Horizontal Dampness

This post continues the series on dampness in Buildings. It concernsHorizontal Damp, both the cause and the remedies for horizontal dampness.

Causes of horizontal dampness

Horizontal dampness occurs when water moves in a horizontal direction through walls.

Whilst this can be caused by unsealed penetrations in the wall and other like defects, it is most often caused by […]

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Dampness – a Cancer in Buildings

Dampness in buildings can make a building quite unsightly and also unpleasant to live in. Unfortunately dampness in buildings can also present as a serious health risk, ranging from irritation of mucous membranes, respiratory symptoms and infections to permanent diseases, such as asthma and allergy.

Damp related issues therefore will invariably be noted as a major […]

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