The biggest purchase most people are ever likely to make is that of their home. It will likely be the most emotional decision outside of getting married and having kids you will ever make as well.

Many people today are recognising therefore, the need to have a pre purchase building inspection when buying a new home. But who should you choose when it is your turn?

There are many you could choose from including:

  1. Yourself
  2. A member of your family who you trust to advise you appropriately
  3. Someone you know with some building or trade experience
  4. Professional independent building inspectors

Let’s have a look at each of these in turn.


Most people understand that the last person you would want to represent you in a court of law is yourself. What do they say – you have a fool for a lawyer.

A family member you trust

Every family has someone who has been around the traps as it where and learnt some stuff.

Does that qualify them to advise you? Maybe in part but only when armed with the facts.

If they have no knowledge in building their advice is likely to be based on opinion rather than fact.

Someone in the building industry you know, maybe a trades person.

Tradespeople have knowledge but it is limited. What knowledge to they really have? Does it cover all aspects of building?

Do they know what the Australian Standard AS 4939 requires in respect of building inspections?

Are they likely when finding faults in a house (all houses HAVE faults) to give advice as to how the faults in this house compare with houses of similar age, architecture or location.

A Professional Building Inspector

Your purchase is too important surely to trust to anyone other than a professional Building Inspector.

Only a qualified and experienced building inspector knows the Australian Standard AS4939. Only a qualified and experienced building inspector knows what to look for when conducting a pre-purchase building inspection. Only a qualified and experienced building inspector can assess the faults in a particular house and place a relevance on these faults that allows the purchaser to make their own qualified purchasing decision.

It is up to you who you choose to use but when you do you can put your trust in a professional building inspector, preferably one who is a member of a professional association.

The investment of a few hundred dollars on a purchase these days usually in excess of $300,000 is a wise investment. Why not spend that money…view it as insurance.

The choice is yours though.